The Interstellar Report

Business Leaders

Discover Your Interstellar Score
& Increase Your Scalability

Discover Your
Interstellar Score
& Increase
Your Scalability

This report scores the scalability of your enterprise. It also identifies opportunities for improving your business and moving towards the lifestyle of your dreams.
  • Answer 50 questions and get your scorecard
  • Free of charge - no strings attached. Get your score in less than 5 minutes
  • Identify scaling and improvement opportunities for your business
  • Are you heading towards your dream lifestyle or drifting off course? We rate your progress.
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses

Business leaders need the correct systems

Missing or broken systems reduce your ability to scale and achieve your business & life goals

This report is a good fit if...

The Scorecard will measure you against​ the Six Degrees of Scaling ™

Discover your scalability in less than 5 minutes...

50 questions to enhance your ability to scale &
achieve the lifestyle you desire

Answer 50 Easy Questions

Find out how you're doing at product development, strategy, story, workflow, mindset, and pitching.

Review Personalised Report

Once your score is calculated, you'll receive a personalised report. This will make clear your strengths and weaknesses.

Access Exclusive Training

After you complete the test, you'll get access to free training. Training is led by Andrew Bull, of InterstellarWay.Life

The Interstellar Report

Arm yourself with powerful insights. Get your scorecard & free training.

Discover opportunities for levelling-up business performance and moving towards the lifestyle of your dreams...

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