The Interstellar Report

Discover Your Interstellar Score
& Increase Your Scalability

Discover Your
Interstellar Score
& Increase
Your Scalability

The Interstellar Report scores your ability to grow, work, and live the smart way. It also identifies opportunities for scaling your IP, authority, revenue, and freedom.
  • Answer 50 questions and get your scorecard
  • Free of charge - no strings attached. Get your score in less than 10 minutes​
  • Learn scaling opportunities for your business
  • Identify bottlenecks that are costing you time, status, revenue, and freedom.
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses

Scalable businesses require the correct systems​

Missing or broken systems reduce your ability to scale and reach your potential

The Scorecard will measure you against​ the Six Degrees of Scaling ™


The right mix of products can help you max out business growth. The scorecard rates your current product mix.

Strategic Planning

Scaling doesn't happen by accident. It requires a coherent game plan. The scorecard rates where you are strong and where you need to improve.


The right systems ensure you and your team optimise your time & expertise. We give you detailed feedback on workflow and process issues.


It's the foundation of everything you do. Neglect your mind, and you'll hit more roadblocks. Nurture your mind, and you'll accelerate faster. We rate your stengths and weaknesses in this area.


People don't buy products; they buy stories. Your ability to tell a winning story underpins all your scaling efforts. We evaluate and rate your storytelling efforts.


Your ability to propose and close is directly related to your ability to scale your business. We'll score where you are strong and weak in this critical area.

Discover your scalability in less than 10 minutes...

50 questions to enhance your ability to scale

Answer 50 Easy Questions

Find out how well your doing at product development, strategy, storytelling, workflow, mindset, and pitching.

Review Personalised Report

Once your score is calculated, we’ll send you a personalised report. This will make clear your strengths and weaknesses.

Access Exclusive Training

After you complete the test, you'll receive a bespoke training programme that will help you maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses. Training is led by Andrew Bull, of Interstellar Business Show.

The Interstellar Report

Take the test and get your personalised report and free training.

Discover your scaling strengths and weaknesses today...

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